Monday, 7 October 2013

Passages of time

Taste of Autumn a three colour monotype
Passages of time

Fall marks a passage of time and bridges the gap between summer and winter.  Things that have been growing all summer come to a place of harvest and completion.  In my studio there are seasons as well, time for things to be planted, to grow and to be harvested.  There are even times when nothing appears to be happening but quietly under the surface ideas are taking shape waiting to be brought forth and seen. I've been working on a website and now it's ready to be seen  It's still a work in progress as with all things but now visible to the world.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cyanotypes and Sunshine

Poppy Patch a cyanotype by Christine Kashuba
This summer I have been revisiting the Cyanotype process and creating images with the sun as the active agent. The possibilities are endless and on a sunny day I could be found going around the hillside with a piece of cardboard sourcing out places to create images.  My favorite this summer is this Poppy Patch which was created on a very hot, sunny Okanagan summer day.  The poppies were in full bloom and the shadows were strong.  The prepared paper was placed on the ground in the shadow of the poppies with selected poppies laid directly on the paper.  Sunshine activated the chemicals and after it was washed, voila the image appeared.  Similar to developing darkroom images there are controlled and uncontrolled elements in creating cyanotypes which make it an interesting and exciting media to work with.  A great source of information about cyanotypes is this Alternative Photography site.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

the lure of the blank page pulls and pushes me


inviting me in to make my mark


chasing me away wanting to be left alone


pushing past the resistance to embrace whatever comes


allowing one thing to lead to another


appreciating the results